Monday, February 26, 2007

well, dats dat!!!

I went back to dat forum to visit fer my puurrrrdy n a few cats were glad to see me n furry nice as usual.
But a few others screamin n yowled n carried on n called me names n stuff. I jes ignored them, altho I dint like it much. I felt like a kitten chased into de corner by meen little boys who then poked them wif a stick. Well, when de kitten couldnt take it anymore, she lashed out at de meen little boys n den dey beat her to death wif de stick. N den de boys sat n told each other who wonderful dey are.

Well, IIIII got blocked and banned from de board. So dat makes it easy! I aynt go back no more. N I aynt ever gonna mention it agin er think about it er nuffin. I am 17, I may not be on die earth dat much longer n I aynt gonna spend my time thinkin about er bein involved with nasties.

Give mama a bit of time n she will post lotsa purrfdy pix.
Fangu, LOis


THE ZOO said...

Hi Lois. Nice to meet yoo. fos ole offur places yos talks abut that banned yoo is all bad. its a shame too. that theys like that.
were not like that on owr blogosphere and when wes has parties at owr chatsite wes parrrty. wes no polital or nuffin. ifid yoo has any questions about the blogs how to go to skezixs helpsite. hes owr techie. its on the blogosphere the link is. it covers eferyfing.

Daisy said...

What forum was so mean to you? That is very sad. The cat blogosphere is much nicer, I think.

I can't wait to see the birthday pictures!!!

The Cats Stephens said...

You've been tagged, go to our blog to see what for.


THE ZOO said...

Hey Lois whered isid yoo???

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Hi Lois, yoo haffent been around much. We'd like to hear frum yoo agin, cuz older, wizer cats gots stuff to teech us.