Friday, February 16, 2007

Daddy n Gramma

My daddy jes left a bit ago. He is goin to see his mama. Its kinda hard to think dat kuz daddy has a mama, once he used to be a little boy. Seems unpossible.

Daddy n mama dint grow up here in nowhere NY. Dey grew up in Bawlmer, Merlin. No wonder dey hate winter here so much.

So daddy is on his way to Bawlmer. Its about a 6 hr drive, n some of de roads may not be good, speshully de ones thru de PA hills. But he is goin.'

See gramma is old like me. Matterafact, I looked at some chart once dat had me n gramma about de same age. She is 85.

She has a husband LewHiss who we dont like. He is big n grumpy n mean to gramma. He is NOT my daddy's daddy. Once when mama wuz vistin dem, he made gramma cry. Mama wanted to punch him one, but daddy wouldnt let her. She's still kinda mad about dat. LewHiss is of no use. Gramma has badbad arthritis, n ifn she would fall, he would stand dere n blubber n hafta to call de ambulance to get her up, den dey would take her to de hospital n he would stand n blubber n say "I cant take dis. I had to do dis wif my dad n my first wife. I jes cant stand it." All he cared about was his ownselfishself. And instead of holdin her paw n talkin nice to her, he would carry on n it would scare her. Looks like gramma has Ol'Timers disease, too. N she would get all confoozled n he jes made thing worse.

Two yeers ago, gramma n Lewis started gittin sick a lot n dey were in n out of de hospital. So de hoomins went to see what was goin on n gramma looked awful. She had gotten up at night to go pee. She needed help, but knew better than to ax LewHiss. She collapsed n got tooked to de hospital. Well, de next night, it was de same thing, only dey wondered ifn she had a stroke kuz she acted so weerd. Turned out she had an ecoaleye in her bladder n blood. She wuz in de hospital fer several days n den in a rehab center kuz her legs were so week.

WELL, when mama heard about de ecoaleye, she sed GRAMMA AYNT GOIN HOME, n daddy jes kinda blinked n sed uh? Well, ifn she had ecoaleye, den fude wasnt cooked right er cleaned up after right, n since it was in her bladder, you kin figger she want cleanin her butt right after usin de hoomin litter bowl.

Fortunately, she got into a real nice assisted livin center wifin 3 weeks. LewHiss dint go. We dont care. She is happier wifout him.

Last fall, gramma had a bleedin ulser, so dey surgyized her n she dint git better good, n now her legs dont work hardly at all. Daddy tries to go see her once a monf. Mama dont often go kuz gramma treets her kinda like she aynt dere. SO me n mama are here wifout daddy n we dont like it, but we are glad daddy goes to see his mama kuz dey need each other right now.

What makes me saddest is dat I wont git to see her on dis earth agin. I hope I kin see her when we bof git to de bridge. She used to have de biggest softest lap. I am not much of a lap sitter, but hers was worth it. She skweeked ickysicky baybee talk to me, which I hate, but havin feline selective deafness was a help. I really like my gramma n I miss her.

Well, dat was a long story more about hoomins dan about CATS, but I will bet dat a lot of you like yer grammas too n will understand.

See ya again soon!!!


Holly & Willow said...

Humans can get very sick at times. It is sad. M&G had a tuff time dealing wif G's purrents both at the same time. we are purring for your Granma & Paw to make it to and back safely. love H&W

Daisy said...

Hi Lois. I am glad to meet you. I hope Gramma gets better. Gramma's usually like cats.

Blackie said...

Hi, Lois! It'z nice to meet anuthur old lady midnight kitty. Mine name is Blackie and I used to be feral but I FINK I'm arownd 16 yeers old. I've seen othur cats come and go at this howse but now thare's only Bebe, Pumpkin and Tiger. And we live in Hah-why-eee ware it'z nice and warm.