Sunday, February 25, 2007

Sorry I havent been here much

My pawty was great ( I think - I dont remember it toooo good - de nip wuz WONDERFUL!!). Den mama had a quilty retreat.
N I went back over to de other place kuz some of dem were sayin HAPPEE PUUURDY n I wanted to say fangu n all heck broke loose n cats sed awfulawful things about me n I answered them n dey got madder n madder n a whole bunch of dem said dey were leavin, n another bunch more dey were stayin although I was awful , n a whole nuther bunch sed "C'mom, LOis, lets go have fun!" So I had fun wif my furrends n will do dat some.
I wanna have furrends here too, n maybe if de poopy is offn de litterbox wall now, I kin start bein better at dat here.
I will git up pawty pix n maybe a few quitly ones ifn anyone wants to see dem. Ifn you dont, dats OK, just dont look, k?
We luff you all n hope you kin teach me how to git dis right so I kin post linkies n all kinsa good stuff.

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Kato McCarthy said...

Hi Lois, How does it feel being 17 ? Does it feel any different than when you were 16 ? I need to know because some day I'll be your age.
Cours when I'm your age you'll be older than now. But, we can still be fur friends.
Tongith my mom is attempting to make Twinkies out of some cup cakes, hehehehe. pretty dumb idea I think. She should just frost the cup cakes and eat them that way. But NO, she wants the frosting in the middle just like a Twinkie.
I don't know how we put up with humans. They're so inferior to us.
Oh well, life goes on. Kato