Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Mornin at my Howse

My howse is reely purrrty dull. But it soots me fine.
Let me tell how it werks...

Furst of all, I ushally sleep in mama n daddy's room on de floor, kuz I cant git on de bed. Mama makes it even harder fer me kuz she keeps puttin stuff along side de bed, like a stool er some pillows. Den she insalts me by tellin me I am STOOOPID n dat I kin git on de stool n git on de bed, but I know better!!!! My evul meowmie is tryin to git me in trubble. AYNT fallin fer it!!!

I like to sing, I'll write moor about dat some other day. But sometimes I wake up in de middle of de night n dere is too much pee on de box, er 'someone' spilled de water. I make up a protest song about it, but all de hoomins do is yell at me. Sometimes I wake up n I am jes so happy I gotta sing. Git yelled at fer dat too. Life jes aynt right, ya know?? Ennyway, I do some singin at night long before de hoomins have to git up. I lufffffff doin dat fer dem!!!

At 5:30 am, de radio turns on all about itsownself, which still kinda spooks me, but I know it aynt danjerus. At dat point, daddy is sposed to git up. If mama wakes up, he is outta bed by 5:40. Ifn mama dont wake up.... well..... daddy may not git up at all!!! Sometimes I gotta sing to him again.

After he finally drags his lazy tailless butt outta bed, he does one of dose reeelllly stoopid things I jes dont git. HE STANDS IN A BOX OF WATER n LETS WATER RUN ALL OVER HIM!! I jes dont git it one bit. Ifn it is rainy out, he runs to git outta de water. While he is in de water box, he warshes his hair, er should I say his hed. He hardly has enny hedfur, but he reely warshes it a lot. Its nice tho kuz his hed reely is nice n shiney. After dat, he shaves off his facefur. He hardly has enny fur at all, n he tries to shave off what he has. Like I say, I jes dont git it! Now I reckon hoomins hafta to do dis kuz dere tongues jes aynt werth a lick to warsh themownselves wif. But it still mysteryfies me.

Well, den daddy usually starts a load of laundry n eats his brekkie n gives us our fude n shoots me.

Den he has to go to a place called WERK. It is someplace in a bigger place called Kodak. He has gone dere almost efurryday fer 30 yrs. You'd think he had de werk done by now. He plays wif compooters all day, n he makes toona somehow, although it comes in little green pieces of paper wif numbers on, n not like de reel fishies, but you kin use it to buy good stuffs like reel toona n nippy. I dont like it when he goes to werk kuz I jes luffff him, but I am glad he gits toonas.

WELL, along about here, mama gits her lazy tailless butt outta bed. She always has a lot to do. I dont know why. Furst things furst, she gits a cuppa tee. She dont like dat kawfee stuff dat most hoomins hafta to have to think in de mornin. Nope, mama wakes up thinkin n dat is not good at aaalllll. So after daddy leaves, she gits de pooter on n does her stuff, den I kin do mine!!!

Most days, mama has to go Someplace. Unlike daddy, mama dont go to werk. She used to but she jes hated it n daddy sed "we have enuff tooonas n you dont gotta make yerownself sick no moor." SO mama quit n she has been furry happy. Now she sez "How did I ever find time to werk???" Right now, she goes to somethin called PeeTee where dis guy tries to git even wif mama's shoulder fer hurtin by makin it hurt moor. He has helped her shouldr git almost better, n she likes him, despite of efurrythin awful he does. Sometimes she goes to git her handclaws and/or her hedfur fixed. Sometimes she goes to Wegmans, aka Weggies, which most of you wood call a grosery stoor, but is more like a religious temple here. On Wed she goes to quilt club all day. Sometimes she goes shoppin.

Now on de rare occaision that she stays home, she likes to sew. She makes quilts, which is another long story. I like goin in de sewin room n sittin as close to her chair as I kin. Dat way, enny time she moves, she has to pat me!!!

Well, dats about how our day starts out. I git lotsa naps n good fude n nippy n luffin efurryday, n I am a furry happy cat.

I hope you have days as nice as I do.

See ya round Bloggersville!!!!


Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

Hi Lois! It is nice to meet another House Panther. I too am a good lookin' black kitty. Not that we all aren't fantastic. I'm glad you found the blogosphere! I look forward to hearing more about you. Mommy wants me to tell you she just adores Kodak. The flashy box going off in my eyes all day will attest to that!
Anyway, I hope your mommy's PT goes well. My mommy goes for her back.
Take care and see you soon!

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Yup, sounds pretty much like our morning. 'Cept our mom goes to werk and comes home and komplanes about 'dumas*es' dat don't know whut dey are doin. Dad don't make nuff green papers fur mom to stop doin da werk fing. If she stopped going der we woodent haf our insheranz and treets and good stinky goodness any more. But it sounds like yer mom don't stay at home wif yoo anyway, so I gess mom's just don't wanna stay home all day.

Anonymous said...

HI Lois its good to see you. Happy Valentines day. It is so windy here we can fly to see you. Willow has a trick to get Mom up is bite her.I just stare at her in de face. this is a nice place you have here. gots to go now we are so very happy to see you. love H&W

ArtsyCatsy said...

Happy Valentine's Day, with lots of hugs & purrs, from everyone at ArtsyCatsy!! We're all snowed in here in Indiana, but keepin' warm surrounded by all the love in the kitty blogosphere!