Thursday, February 22, 2007


Yes, I really am 17, n dis is de rightest day fer it.

Before me n my sisfur came to live wif Mama n Daddy, I lived with Mama Lisa n Daddy Joe n Baby Lizbef. N before we lived wif dem, we lived wif Mama Lisa's mama n our mama cat.

When me n Younie were about 3, Mama Lisa had a hoomin kitten, Lizbef. Oh ,we luffed her!! She smelled neat n made neat sounds n was sooooo cute!!!! Younie would warsh her up good n I would bring toys fer her!!! She was a furry nice hoomin kitten. Now n den she would poke our noses er pull our tails, but we dint mind kuz she was our baybee n we luffed her!!!

Well, Daddy Joe's mama dint like us much, n thought we shouldnt live dere wif Lizbef. She thought we would hurt her!!!! Well, me n Younie were most offended by dat kuz we dont have mean bones in our bodies n would never bite, n we gave up our front claws to live inside where we were safe. Next thing we knew, Mama Lisa had put an ad in de paper dat sed "free to good home." We were nearly sick. She dint want us ennymore!!

Well, about dat time, mama n daddy's cat Sheila had gotten sick n had to go to de Rainbow Brij. Mama n Daddy n Our PETE jes missed havin a kitty so bad. Who came blame dem? Hoomins cant be trusted alone, you know!! Mama saw de ad in de paper n called Mama Lisa and came to meet us. She seemed like a nice laydee n she seemed to like us. So Mama Lisa told Mama all about us, includin de fact dat we were born on Prezdent George Warshinton' purrrfdy n mama sed she would talk to de other hoomins, n de next day, dey came to git us!!

Mama Lisa cried, n mama axed if she was sure she wanted to do this, n Daddy Joe sed yes. Mama's hart broked for her, n on de way home, she told Daddy dat ifn Mama Lisa called in two weeks n wanted us back, mama would do it, but after two weeks, she wouldnt.

Obviously, Mama Lisa dint call, n after we sulked n hid a few days, we decided dat dese new hoomins were jes fine OK dandy, n we have been very happy ever since!

SO, dat is part of de story of my life. When mama talked to Mama Lisa last (about vet records looooon ago), Mama Lisa said to call if n dere was GOOD news. So she dint call when Younie went to de Brij, n now dey have moved n we dont know where. Mama wanted to send her a card kuz she thinks 17 is good news!!!

SO come have a seat on my porch n tell me about you!!

Luff, LOis, de purrrdy gurl


Daisy said...

Oh Lois, happy happy happy Purrday to you. I think 17 will be a good year for you. I liked hearing about yer story. I think it is good that Mama Lisa has moved away, so she can never find you and take you back. I have heard stories about kitnapping and such.

holly and willow said...

bring blankie to your front porch in case it is cold. bring a lot of mousies for your 17th big day. We hope you have a happy healthy day and year and years to come.we are on our way to celebrate. love H&W

Artsy Catsy said...

(in 15 part harmony...)
Happy Purrday to you,
Happy Purrday to you,
Happy Purrday dear Lois,
Happy Purrday to you!

A concert by the 15 Artsy Catsy felines

P.S. Callie says, you go girl! I'm 17, too!

THE ZOO said...

Happy 17th Purrthday Lois yoos deserve it.