Monday, May 7, 2007

Where I've bin

I found a nise group of kitties at YaHiss n I haf bin playin wif dem...... n guess wut!!! One uvde boy catz haz fallen in luff wif me!!! I am a happeeee cat laydee!!
I am fine, sept fer my boundin hart.
I luff youse!!

Monday, February 26, 2007

well, dats dat!!!

I went back to dat forum to visit fer my puurrrrdy n a few cats were glad to see me n furry nice as usual.
But a few others screamin n yowled n carried on n called me names n stuff. I jes ignored them, altho I dint like it much. I felt like a kitten chased into de corner by meen little boys who then poked them wif a stick. Well, when de kitten couldnt take it anymore, she lashed out at de meen little boys n den dey beat her to death wif de stick. N den de boys sat n told each other who wonderful dey are.

Well, IIIII got blocked and banned from de board. So dat makes it easy! I aynt go back no more. N I aynt ever gonna mention it agin er think about it er nuffin. I am 17, I may not be on die earth dat much longer n I aynt gonna spend my time thinkin about er bein involved with nasties.

Give mama a bit of time n she will post lotsa purrfdy pix.
Fangu, LOis

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Sorry I havent been here much

My pawty was great ( I think - I dont remember it toooo good - de nip wuz WONDERFUL!!). Den mama had a quilty retreat.
N I went back over to de other place kuz some of dem were sayin HAPPEE PUUURDY n I wanted to say fangu n all heck broke loose n cats sed awfulawful things about me n I answered them n dey got madder n madder n a whole bunch of dem said dey were leavin, n another bunch more dey were stayin although I was awful , n a whole nuther bunch sed "C'mom, LOis, lets go have fun!" So I had fun wif my furrends n will do dat some.
I wanna have furrends here too, n maybe if de poopy is offn de litterbox wall now, I kin start bein better at dat here.
I will git up pawty pix n maybe a few quitly ones ifn anyone wants to see dem. Ifn you dont, dats OK, just dont look, k?
We luff you all n hope you kin teach me how to git dis right so I kin post linkies n all kinsa good stuff.

Thursday, February 22, 2007


Yes, I really am 17, n dis is de rightest day fer it.

Before me n my sisfur came to live wif Mama n Daddy, I lived with Mama Lisa n Daddy Joe n Baby Lizbef. N before we lived wif dem, we lived wif Mama Lisa's mama n our mama cat.

When me n Younie were about 3, Mama Lisa had a hoomin kitten, Lizbef. Oh ,we luffed her!! She smelled neat n made neat sounds n was sooooo cute!!!! Younie would warsh her up good n I would bring toys fer her!!! She was a furry nice hoomin kitten. Now n den she would poke our noses er pull our tails, but we dint mind kuz she was our baybee n we luffed her!!!

Well, Daddy Joe's mama dint like us much, n thought we shouldnt live dere wif Lizbef. She thought we would hurt her!!!! Well, me n Younie were most offended by dat kuz we dont have mean bones in our bodies n would never bite, n we gave up our front claws to live inside where we were safe. Next thing we knew, Mama Lisa had put an ad in de paper dat sed "free to good home." We were nearly sick. She dint want us ennymore!!

Well, about dat time, mama n daddy's cat Sheila had gotten sick n had to go to de Rainbow Brij. Mama n Daddy n Our PETE jes missed havin a kitty so bad. Who came blame dem? Hoomins cant be trusted alone, you know!! Mama saw de ad in de paper n called Mama Lisa and came to meet us. She seemed like a nice laydee n she seemed to like us. So Mama Lisa told Mama all about us, includin de fact dat we were born on Prezdent George Warshinton' purrrfdy n mama sed she would talk to de other hoomins, n de next day, dey came to git us!!

Mama Lisa cried, n mama axed if she was sure she wanted to do this, n Daddy Joe sed yes. Mama's hart broked for her, n on de way home, she told Daddy dat ifn Mama Lisa called in two weeks n wanted us back, mama would do it, but after two weeks, she wouldnt.

Obviously, Mama Lisa dint call, n after we sulked n hid a few days, we decided dat dese new hoomins were jes fine OK dandy, n we have been very happy ever since!

SO, dat is part of de story of my life. When mama talked to Mama Lisa last (about vet records looooon ago), Mama Lisa said to call if n dere was GOOD news. So she dint call when Younie went to de Brij, n now dey have moved n we dont know where. Mama wanted to send her a card kuz she thinks 17 is good news!!!

SO come have a seat on my porch n tell me about you!!

Luff, LOis, de purrrdy gurl

Friday, February 16, 2007

Daddy n Gramma

My daddy jes left a bit ago. He is goin to see his mama. Its kinda hard to think dat kuz daddy has a mama, once he used to be a little boy. Seems unpossible.

Daddy n mama dint grow up here in nowhere NY. Dey grew up in Bawlmer, Merlin. No wonder dey hate winter here so much.

So daddy is on his way to Bawlmer. Its about a 6 hr drive, n some of de roads may not be good, speshully de ones thru de PA hills. But he is goin.'

See gramma is old like me. Matterafact, I looked at some chart once dat had me n gramma about de same age. She is 85.

She has a husband LewHiss who we dont like. He is big n grumpy n mean to gramma. He is NOT my daddy's daddy. Once when mama wuz vistin dem, he made gramma cry. Mama wanted to punch him one, but daddy wouldnt let her. She's still kinda mad about dat. LewHiss is of no use. Gramma has badbad arthritis, n ifn she would fall, he would stand dere n blubber n hafta to call de ambulance to get her up, den dey would take her to de hospital n he would stand n blubber n say "I cant take dis. I had to do dis wif my dad n my first wife. I jes cant stand it." All he cared about was his ownselfishself. And instead of holdin her paw n talkin nice to her, he would carry on n it would scare her. Looks like gramma has Ol'Timers disease, too. N she would get all confoozled n he jes made thing worse.

Two yeers ago, gramma n Lewis started gittin sick a lot n dey were in n out of de hospital. So de hoomins went to see what was goin on n gramma looked awful. She had gotten up at night to go pee. She needed help, but knew better than to ax LewHiss. She collapsed n got tooked to de hospital. Well, de next night, it was de same thing, only dey wondered ifn she had a stroke kuz she acted so weerd. Turned out she had an ecoaleye in her bladder n blood. She wuz in de hospital fer several days n den in a rehab center kuz her legs were so week.

WELL, when mama heard about de ecoaleye, she sed GRAMMA AYNT GOIN HOME, n daddy jes kinda blinked n sed uh? Well, ifn she had ecoaleye, den fude wasnt cooked right er cleaned up after right, n since it was in her bladder, you kin figger she want cleanin her butt right after usin de hoomin litter bowl.

Fortunately, she got into a real nice assisted livin center wifin 3 weeks. LewHiss dint go. We dont care. She is happier wifout him.

Last fall, gramma had a bleedin ulser, so dey surgyized her n she dint git better good, n now her legs dont work hardly at all. Daddy tries to go see her once a monf. Mama dont often go kuz gramma treets her kinda like she aynt dere. SO me n mama are here wifout daddy n we dont like it, but we are glad daddy goes to see his mama kuz dey need each other right now.

What makes me saddest is dat I wont git to see her on dis earth agin. I hope I kin see her when we bof git to de bridge. She used to have de biggest softest lap. I am not much of a lap sitter, but hers was worth it. She skweeked ickysicky baybee talk to me, which I hate, but havin feline selective deafness was a help. I really like my gramma n I miss her.

Well, dat was a long story more about hoomins dan about CATS, but I will bet dat a lot of you like yer grammas too n will understand.

See ya again soon!!!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Mornin at my Howse

My howse is reely purrrty dull. But it soots me fine.
Let me tell how it werks...

Furst of all, I ushally sleep in mama n daddy's room on de floor, kuz I cant git on de bed. Mama makes it even harder fer me kuz she keeps puttin stuff along side de bed, like a stool er some pillows. Den she insalts me by tellin me I am STOOOPID n dat I kin git on de stool n git on de bed, but I know better!!!! My evul meowmie is tryin to git me in trubble. AYNT fallin fer it!!!

I like to sing, I'll write moor about dat some other day. But sometimes I wake up in de middle of de night n dere is too much pee on de box, er 'someone' spilled de water. I make up a protest song about it, but all de hoomins do is yell at me. Sometimes I wake up n I am jes so happy I gotta sing. Git yelled at fer dat too. Life jes aynt right, ya know?? Ennyway, I do some singin at night long before de hoomins have to git up. I lufffffff doin dat fer dem!!!

At 5:30 am, de radio turns on all about itsownself, which still kinda spooks me, but I know it aynt danjerus. At dat point, daddy is sposed to git up. If mama wakes up, he is outta bed by 5:40. Ifn mama dont wake up.... well..... daddy may not git up at all!!! Sometimes I gotta sing to him again.

After he finally drags his lazy tailless butt outta bed, he does one of dose reeelllly stoopid things I jes dont git. HE STANDS IN A BOX OF WATER n LETS WATER RUN ALL OVER HIM!! I jes dont git it one bit. Ifn it is rainy out, he runs to git outta de water. While he is in de water box, he warshes his hair, er should I say his hed. He hardly has enny hedfur, but he reely warshes it a lot. Its nice tho kuz his hed reely is nice n shiney. After dat, he shaves off his facefur. He hardly has enny fur at all, n he tries to shave off what he has. Like I say, I jes dont git it! Now I reckon hoomins hafta to do dis kuz dere tongues jes aynt werth a lick to warsh themownselves wif. But it still mysteryfies me.

Well, den daddy usually starts a load of laundry n eats his brekkie n gives us our fude n shoots me.

Den he has to go to a place called WERK. It is someplace in a bigger place called Kodak. He has gone dere almost efurryday fer 30 yrs. You'd think he had de werk done by now. He plays wif compooters all day, n he makes toona somehow, although it comes in little green pieces of paper wif numbers on, n not like de reel fishies, but you kin use it to buy good stuffs like reel toona n nippy. I dont like it when he goes to werk kuz I jes luffff him, but I am glad he gits toonas.

WELL, along about here, mama gits her lazy tailless butt outta bed. She always has a lot to do. I dont know why. Furst things furst, she gits a cuppa tee. She dont like dat kawfee stuff dat most hoomins hafta to have to think in de mornin. Nope, mama wakes up thinkin n dat is not good at aaalllll. So after daddy leaves, she gits de pooter on n does her stuff, den I kin do mine!!!

Most days, mama has to go Someplace. Unlike daddy, mama dont go to werk. She used to but she jes hated it n daddy sed "we have enuff tooonas n you dont gotta make yerownself sick no moor." SO mama quit n she has been furry happy. Now she sez "How did I ever find time to werk???" Right now, she goes to somethin called PeeTee where dis guy tries to git even wif mama's shoulder fer hurtin by makin it hurt moor. He has helped her shouldr git almost better, n she likes him, despite of efurrythin awful he does. Sometimes she goes to git her handclaws and/or her hedfur fixed. Sometimes she goes to Wegmans, aka Weggies, which most of you wood call a grosery stoor, but is more like a religious temple here. On Wed she goes to quilt club all day. Sometimes she goes shoppin.

Now on de rare occaision that she stays home, she likes to sew. She makes quilts, which is another long story. I like goin in de sewin room n sittin as close to her chair as I kin. Dat way, enny time she moves, she has to pat me!!!

Well, dats about how our day starts out. I git lotsa naps n good fude n nippy n luffin efurryday, n I am a furry happy cat.

I hope you have days as nice as I do.

See ya round Bloggersville!!!!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Fangu all so berrymunch!!!

It is so fun to have you stop by, n I promise I will come see you, too.
We are still gittin hate meows from dose meenie cats. I almost wish it still hurt. I guess I jes dont care enuff ennymore. Kinda kewl, uh??
Mama had to go to my v*tty fer a scripshun fer my needles, I have died beetles. It dont bother me much, but it was reeeeeeel hard to give up my donut holes!!!
Mama has to go see her own v*tty tomorrow kuz she had to have shoulder surgery. She sez dey will put a red dot on her card tomorrow kuz she is gonna bite him ifn he isnt nicer to her dis time. I think he would rather not deal wif pashunts who are awake!! I wish I could go bite him too kuz he made my mama cry de last time she wuz dere. N oh man!! Do I hate to hear dat woman cry!!!
Well, see ya round the blog. Stop in ennytime!!!